Rediscover your neighborhood through local experts, Neighbourly

Google has launched another crowdsourcing app, Neighbourly. This new app specifically designed to help you to learn about your neighborhood by asking other local experts around you. It is the best way to find out about local services and facilities in your area from people who live around you.

Unlike other crowdsourcing products from Google i.e Crowdsource, Google Map, Google Local, Google Opinion Rewards and Google Translate, The company visualizes Neighbourly as a sort of crowdsourced city guide

The app is currently available in limited beta edition and open to people in the Indian city of Mumbai, with support for English and eight Indian languages.

Users would be able to ask questions, submit answers, and follow other people’s questions simply swiping the stack of cards. Your personal information will not be shared here but people can see your profile picture and first name.

According to The Verge, this app is a Google version of Nextdoor, a similar local social media network is already being used in US, Netherlands and France.

If your neighborhood isn’t listed yet, you can sign up to be notified when it’s added to the service.