Google Maps is tracking your every movement

Suppose you can not recall your activity on last Saturday!

But If you have the Google Map installed on your smart phone then you can be easily tracked down where you been on last Saturday.

Yes, that’s true. Google is storing and tracking a lot more of our movement than we actually realize.

How to see your entire saved location in Google Maps

To see all your of saved location on Google Map imported from your phone, open up the Google Maps Timeline.

You can also go to Google Map, then click the Menu Button Your Timeline 

Source: Google Map

Here you will see plenty of information on where you’ve been. You can see your trips, most visited locations and a link to all your saved trips dotted red on a map.

You can browse your trips by date on the timeline or by location. Clicking on a date will show your saved trips and locations. Clicking on a location will allow you to see when you last visited that place.

Source: Google Map


When you click on specific trips from map or day from timeline, you will see a lot more information including mode of transportation, and the length and duration of the trip.

Source: Google Map

Here you can see the line path of my activity from home to my office on 13th June. Also shows possible distance, transportation and total trip duration.

Source: Google Map

You can also download your data just clicking Settings  Download a copy of all your data.

How to delete location history in Google Maps

If you want to delete your entire location history, just go to Google Maps Timeline and click the trash icon.

If you don’t want to delete all your location history, you can delete individual trips by clicking on the trip and click the trash icon.

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If you want service from Google or Google like other companies, you have to forget your privacy. If you are not comfortable with Google Maps regarding your privacy, there are plenty of alternatives to Google Maps worth considering.