How to create a customized 404 error page in wordpress

A 404 ‘Not Found’ error page is a page generated by the server to inform you that the page you are trying to access on the website cannot be found. Typically you will encounter a 404 error page when the particular page has been moved or deleted.

404 refers to the HTTP status code a page receives when a URL does not exist. So every time when users visit a link that doesn’t live on internet, they would be redirected a default 404 page informing them of that fact. Fortunately, wordpress makes it easy to customize your 404 page, so you can use it to provide useful information to your users.

Most themes come with a 404.php file included, but if you don’t find any 404 file you can create of your own and redirect that page via htaccess. To start editing 404.php file, the efficient way to handle this is to build a child theme, and add your 404 page there.

Setting up a customized 404 Error Page

Login to your wordpress admin panel.

Then, navigate Appearance → Editor and search for 404 page Template on the right side.

It opens with default 404 html code in it. But you can change whatever you like to do. The default 404 page for this particular theme looks like

Now I am customizing this 404 page adding an interactive picture.

First I have added a image via Media option and copied the image url.

Again navigate to Appearance → Editor → 404 Template and paste the image code within html tag.

After successfully updating the 404 file, open your browser and type in http://”yourdomainname”/404 and you will find updated and interactive 404 page.

Now I am showing you some brilliant 404 pages idea.





The 404 page is one of the most important page on your website. So a little touch of your creativity you can enhance the users experience and make them stick with your site even if they receive an error.