How to enable Google Chrome new UI flags

Like Google new Gmail interfaceGoogle is also developing a new Google Chrome UI.

Screenshot of Google Chrome Canary

To experience the new Google UI features, you have to paste chrome://flags#uifood into the address bar.

Click the Relaunch button to save the changes. However as it is in developing stage, you can do this on Chromium or Google Chrome Canary.

There is another amazing Chrome flag chrome://flags#top-chrome-md, optimizes new Material Design for touchscreen devices and convertibles.

Screenshot of Google Chrome Beta

If you are using Google Chrome Beta, you will find chrome://flags#top-chrome-md instead of chrome://flags#uifood in order to experience the new Google UI features.

The UI elements in the touchable interface are bigger in size to make it easier to use on touch devices. The Chrome flag is now only available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.