How to use Gmail’s new Smart Compose feature

Google just launched Gmail’s Smart Compose feature at their Google I/O 2018. And it is now available to try out as an “experimental feature” on new desktop Gmail interface.

Gmail’s Smart Compose feature predicts what are you going to write in the body of an email.

To turn on Smart Compose, make sure you are using the new Gmail. Then click on the gear icon in the top right corner and then click Settings tab.


Within this panel, check Enable Experimental Access, and then save your changes at the bottom. Once turned on, you can see an auto suggested sentence will appear in the background of your email in a lighter text when you begin a new email and prompts you to press the tab key whenever you see a prediction you would like to accept.


The more you use Smart Compose, the better it will recognize you and your context. This feature is now only available in English language. Though the Smart Compose feature is still under development. They may remove this feature without any further notice.