I downloaded all my Facebook data and I actually stunned

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

I once found this quote on a marketing campaign of The Economist but I lost. The quote is still reverberating inside my mind.

User Data or in formal way User Information are the main key factors that make these companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber) more resourceful. But the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal of Facebook, I became more thoughtful for our privacy and our future.

I was always dubious about the whole Facebook thing. Actually I never been a big fan of Facebook.

While I was researching about this topic, I found similar topic is written in USA TODAY. And also found a video related to my content in Youtube too. Youtuber Mrinal Saha beautifully analyzed it on his video.

Like Mrinal, I was also curious what was in my Facebook Data, so I downloaded it.

But what I found was really made me stunned.

Let’s have a look.

1. Stored every data

First of all Facebook never deleted a single piece of information. They kept inside their database. In fact they stored my deleted friends list, declined friends list, sent friends list etc with timestamp.

2. Saved all my private message

It is really astonishing to see that your all personal messages has stored as archived.  

3. Sync all my phone book contacts

Synced all the phone book contact with Whatsapp details in Facebook. 

4. Saved login details with IP

All the login, you have made throughout your using is being saved with IP address.

5. Databased my ad interest

They already know your like, dislike, habit, feeling via emojis, suggested page like, topic ad and cookie ad.

Data of over 5.6 lakh Indian users was harvested by an app that shared its records with analytics and consulting company Cambridge Analytica via Facebook so users be aware of your privacy. Stay incognito stay safe.