The code behind the Whatsapp bug

Like computer worm, Whatsapp bug is also spreading via messages by our curious users.

When the message is tapped, the entire Whatsapp along with your android or iPhone mobile are crashing.

I also came with this usual Whatsapp message(Text Bomb or Black Dot). And decided to check the hidden code behind this. 

What did I do

I opened my Whatsapp in web mode and select the sender who sent me that message. Then I clicked inspect on that particular bug. The result was simply jaw-dropping.

The bug is full of LRM(Left to Right Mark) and RLM(Right to Left Mark) characters. These characters are generally invisible and used as typesetting in MS-WORD.

LRM format is used in English and Russian language. When we wish to write something in English, we choose the text direction from left hand side to right hand side. 

RLM format is used in Arabic and Hebrew language. When we wish to write something in Arabic or Hebrew, we  choose the text direction from right hand side to left hand side.

Because of these consecutive &lrm and &rlm, Whatsapp cannot recognize the text direction and that is the main cause of the app crashing.

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Users please control your curiosity from these messages. These messages may crash your android or iPhone device too.