The real reason behind Whatsapp wishing website

My brother just got a Whatsapp wishing website link on his phone. As usually he clicked, mesmerized and share the website link to me.

At-first when I checked the website, I was just stunned to see the web design but eventually I found a big scam. This scam cannot be understood by our common people.

No! there is no data hacking nor tracking, it’s just a Black Hat Technique to earn money using people’s faith.

Why this is a Black Hat Technique?

Domain Registration:

Domains are barely 3-4 months old.


Domain Traffic and Alexa:



Hidden Histats:

Hidden histats script url that tracks daily visit. When you click this link, the visitor count will be increased.


How do they manage to generate revenue?

As we are sharing these website via Whatsapp, website traffic is increasing exponentially. And the only way to monetize this hell lot of traffic is Adsense.



So my friends please please don’t fall on this crap. These greedy people are making a lot of money simply playing with your faith and believe. You are providing a ton of traffic simply sharing these websites via Whatsapp. In previous image I have shown that they have already got 1255673 traffic from today’s sharing and still continuing . And the income from this traffic is huge. So please discard this sort of message as you can.

Happy Independence Day

Jai Hind