What are UTM codes and how do you use them

Want to know more about your traffic!

Whether it is from email, social media, Google Adwords, Affliate Banner or others.

You can track all of it for free. All you need a little bit of knowledge of Google Analytics and a little bit of UTM codes.

So what is UTM codes?

UTM” stands for “Urchin Tracking Module”. Urchin Software Corporation was acquired by Google back in 2005, and their flagship software what we now know as Google Analytics.

UTM codes are bits of simple text you can add to a link that can tell Google Analytics a little bit more information about each link. 

Here’s a sample of a link with UTM codes : 


Why are UTM codes so important?

In one word, UTM codes help you to track the performance of each and every inbound and outbound links so you can see where your traffic is coming from. The track reflects on your Google Analytics metric so that you can analyze your marketing and advertising strategies.

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How do you use UTM codes?


There are plenty of URL builder available in the market but the best one is Campaign URL Builder.

I am providing a sample link to describe those instructions:


Where  utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign are the UTM parameters. You would have more UTM parameters but these three’s are the main.

utm_source: From the above url, utm_source is telling that the traffic is coming to Sashi Publications from SouvikDattautm_source could be Google or Facebook.

utm_medium: From above url, utm_medium is describing that the traffic is coming to Sashi Publications from SouvikDatta via a link. Medium could be Banner, EmailSocial Affiliate Link or Adwords.

utm_campaign: From above url, utm_campaign is telling that the traffic is coming to Sashi Publications from SouvikDatta via a link and the campaign name is insurance_book.

For more information on UTM parameters click here

How to track UTM codes?

Before you track your UTM codes you have to setup Google Analytics

After setting up, here where you can find UTM information within your Google Analytics dashboard:

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  • Acquisition All Traffic Source/Medium
  • Acquisition Campaigns  All Campaigns

In order to get a better result you have to wait for one week.


UTM codes are the great tool to explore and research your traffic. For more information visiCampaign URL Builder and to know more about UTM parameters click here.